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AV systems that will transform the learning experience for your school, college or university

In Education, Audio Visual technology isn’t just a way of improving and innovating on the teaching experience, it’s also expected by today’s generation of students. With a more tech-savvy cohort and the need for flexible, blended learning experiences, implementing AV technologies such as SMART allows institutions to improve the classroom, lecture theatre and seminar room experience for educators and students alike. 

Our Solutions

Educational institutions require a unique range of solutions to suit learning spaces, gym and leisure facilities, libraries, social spaces, refectories/cafeterias and other facilities. Mediascape can provide a range of AV systems to suit each of the following requirements: 

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Video Streaming

Video streaming can add value to the Education industry. Mediascape will design and install the right AV solution to allow for seamless streaming sessions.

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Lecture Capture Systems

Lecture capture allows you to record classroom lectures and make them available to the students after class, enhancing their learning experience. Mediascape can provide lecture capture systems from our chosen brand partners.


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Interactive Displays & Digital Signage

Interactive displays keep the students engaged and interest. We can offer an AV solution for all your projects.

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Room booking/control systems

To assist with scheduling meetings, Mediascape can provide functional and easy-to-use room booking systems that make the process of planning and conducting meetings easier than ever.

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Remote & Blended learning

Blended learning is only as good as the technology behind it. Mediascape can help with systems to connect the classroom from home, or tools to schedule rooms efficiently.

Mediascape Images AV Solutions for Seminar Rooms

Teaching Spaces

At Mediascape, we offer innovative AV solutions for lecture theatres, seminar rooms, classrooms, workshop spaces and labs, tailoring each to your specific requirements.

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