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AV solutions to provide wayfinding, digital display and customer information for transport networks

Within airports, train, bus, tram or subway stations, there is a need for Audio Visual equipment in almost every aspect of customer and staff interaction. With such constant daily use, expansive infrastructure and rotating shifts of staff, transport networks require AV systems that are effective, reliable and easy to operate and maintain, while providing consistency across the entire network. 

In the post-COVID world, AV systems are even more vital in delivering essential customer information and hygiene guidance while controlling capacity, flow and distancing within indoor spaces. 

Our Solutions

AV technology is an essential component to keep public transport networks running smoothly and deliver essential information to passengers and customers. Our integrated solutions can enhance the transport experience for passengers, customers and staff in several ways, including:

Digital signage in the office building beside an elevator

Making customer wayfinding clearer and more readily available

Wayfinding products include everything from digital signage and commercial LCD displays to audio intercom/announcement systems – the exact solution really depends on the requirements of a business and the specification of the space.


Providing clear, high-quality audio announcements

In a digital age, breaking through all the noise to communicate important information to customers can be difficult. With Mediascape’s AV solutions, you can use a variety of equipment in unison to deliver a unified communication that will capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Video walls with multiple screens installed

Delivering dynamic information & promotions through digital displays

Video walls have taken digital screens and signage to the next level to create exciting installations. These can be any size or shape, with video content playing out across multiple screens to create larger-scale visuals that are displayed seamlessly across the entire installation.

man booking a room in a school

Streamlining ticketing and customer information booths

Within a company, we can also streamline information communication to internal groups. Room booking systems can help deliver information about space availability or networked AV can distribute information through existing IT infrastructures.

AV screen solutions for transport

Integrating systems for capacity control

Whether it’s systems that can track venue capacity, touchless information, or temperature screening, these are just a few of our health and safety AV options to choose from. We will design your bespoke  AV solution using only the best equipment.

Installed AV screen for social distancing in the office

People flow and social distancing

As social distancing has become a household term, there are new health and safety measures that are needed communicated effectively. Mediascape can help make your procedures and messaging more efficient than ever with our AV solutions.

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