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A touchscreen in a clothes store

Shopping environment AV solutions for wayfinding, digital display and customer information.  

Audio Visual technology is ubiquitous in the modern retail environment. Everything from digital information signage to intercom systems comes together to improve the customer experience throughout shopping centres and individual stores. In a post-COVID world, AV systems become even more vital in delivering essential customer information and controlling capacity and flow within indoor spaces.

AV technology is a perfect fit for a retail environment and the team at Mediascape can develop solutions perfectly tailored to enhance and meet the unique requirements of your facilities. 

Our Solutions

If you’re looking to fit your retail premises with digital displays, audio systems, touchscreen kiosks or anything else, then Mediascape can provide a bespoke solution to meet your requirements. Our integrated solutions can enhance retail spaces in several ways, including: 

Digital signage in a vintage shop

Clear Wayfinding

Wayfinding information needs to be conveyed as clearly as possible to help customers, visitors and staff.  We will deliver the ideal wayfinding solution to allow for smooth navigation and flow.

2 people walking in a shopping centre

High-fidelity Audio

An in-store audio system comes with many benefits, from engaging customers with music to sharing promotional announcements. Mediascape can design and install the right audio system for you.

Workshop space with 2 screens

Delivering dynamic visuals

Whatever you need to provide your customers with the best shopping journey, we have an AV solution tailored to your business requirements.

3 people in a warehouse

Digital displays for warehouse

Installing digital displays in a warehouse will provide your team with valuable information, enhancing the work experience.

People in a shopping centre

Systems for capacity control

Our systems for capacity control allow you to monitor people flow efficiently around the premises.

2 women at a self-checkout till

Check-outs and collection/returns desks

Whether it’s self-checkout systems or touchscreens, we can implement AV systems to create a seamless experience for customers and reduce waiting time .

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