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3 doctors and stethoscopes

Improve healthcare environments for patients and medical professionals alike with AV systems

Nowadays, Audio Visual equipment is practically a requirement for the smooth operation of any healthcare facility. Not only can it be necessary for patient information and wayfinding, but also for the benefit of medical staff both in training and regular day-to-day work. In recent times, video conferencing systems have also become a crucial asset for medical professionals for the delivery of remote consultations and CPD training.

The Healthcare sector is broad and varied, encompassing everything from medical hospitals to veterinary practices to therapy centres. Each brings its own set of challenges and requirements associated with the facilities and needs of patients and staff, meaning AV solutions must be tailored to suit each.

Through modern AV technologies provided by Mediascape, those in the Healthcare sector can improve the patient and staff experience while also implementing new health and safety innovations for a post-COVID world.

Our Solutions

Whether you’re looking to improve patient wayfinding in reception areas or provide state-of-the-art training facilities for medical students, the team at Mediascape will be able to create AV solutions that meet your unique requirements.  

Doctors on a video conference

Video conferencing systems to deliver virtual consultations

Mediascape can advise you on the best video conferencing option depending on your room size, audience, platform and overall required functionality. 

2 doctors and a nurse in a multi disciplinary team room.

Multi-Disciplinary Team rooms and training rooms

Our team can supply AV products to enhance your Multi-Disciplinary Team rooms and training rooms by helping you create the ideal simulation suite and facilitate smooth communication in your MDT rooms.

Temperature screening

Health & Safety solutions tailored to the post-COVID environment 

Whether you need to track venue capacity or you require temperature screening and touchless information systems, Mediascape can help you choose the right health and safety AV option. 

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