People video conferencing with huddly go

What Is Huddly GO?

A compact, ultra-wide angle, software-based collaboration camera that improves over time with each upgrade to the Huddly software. This is High quality with effortless setup, Huddly GO gives you an outstanding video experience straight out of the box. It couldn’t be simpler – just plug it in and it works.

Huddly GO’s 150° ultra-wide-angle lens lets you capture everyone in the room, transforming even the smallest rooms into high-quality conference rooms. Flexible, portable and intelligent with the Huddly no matter where you set up your meeting or how many people you are talking with, Huddly GO adapts to your surroundings, letting you communicate and express yourself naturally. All in crisp, crystal-clear video.

Huddly GO product photoWhy Does Mediascape Use Huddly GO?

Here are some of the reasons we recommend the Huddly to our customers:

1. Most cameras limit your collaboration possibilities. Huddly GO gives you the freedom to choose.

Laptops give you mobility, but embedded cameras can often leave you looking unprofessional in bad lighting conditions and a narrow angle lens that isn’t suitable for group conversations. Dedicated video meeting cameras are usually costlier, often fixed and require external power supply, extra cables or remote controls.

Huddly GO gives you total flexibility. It’s suitable for all sorts of video meeting environments – from laptops to open collaborative spaces, small huddle rooms and even medium sized meeting rooms, Huddly GO makes sure everyone can be seen and feels part of the conversation thanks to the following:

  • Compact form factor
  • Mount anywhere, instantly
  • Digital PTZ
  • Effortless setup
  • Regular software updates work with everything
  • Ultra wide-angle lens
  • High resolution video
  • Intelligent software features

2. Most cameras can’t see everyone.

Huddly GO lets you see the BIG picture. With a standard,narrow-angle video camera, participants either have to squeeze together or manually move the camera to be seen. Engagement is lost and your collaboration suffers, Huddly GO’s 150° wide-angle lens lets you capture everyone in the room, transforming even the smallest rooms into high-quality conference suites. Using the Huddly Vision embedded software, the image is de-warped and perspective corrected in real-time, rendering a true-to-life image.

Huddly GO camera image next to another camera image3. Most cameras have poor image quality.

Huddly GO delivers crystal-clear video. Unreliable picture quality, poor performance in bad lighting conditions and low-resolution image scan make you look unprofessional and lead to a loss of key details, Huddly GO’s 16 Megapixel sensor captures an immense amount of visual data in fine detail and delivers remarkably consistent image quality. The embedded Huddly Vision software corrects both colour and perspective in real time and auto-adjusts to lighting conditions. Huddly GO makes sure you always look your best, no matter where you are.

Mediascape has recently installed this camera across both corporate and education spaces in Scotland with nothing but positive feedback regarding its quality and usability.